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CNC Programming Customer Testimonials

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“This online program is written by someone who has experience as a CNC programmer and as a teacher teaching CNC programming. I had him as a teacher. His experience and knowledge was valuable in giving me information that would be very useful in a actual work environment. You will learn the information you need to know to convert a blueprint to CNC code and machine a part.”

Kirk B.

“The instructor has years of experience in CNC manufacturing, programming, setup, and operations. He brings that experience to teaching these skills to others like myself. For example, he emphasizes writing generic CNC code that is not dependent on commands found only on one brand of CNC machines. Instead, write code that will work on any machine, regardless of brand. In addition, he makes clear the value of analysis of drawings and planning tooling and toolpaths before beginning to write a part program quickly with a minimum of errors. His instruction has been of great value to me in my CNC manufacturing career.”

Mike D.

“My primary recollection of my instructor is a man dedicated to the fulfillment of a goal. The specific goal during my CNC certification coursework was the training the intricacies of G and M programming for milling and turning. I can attest to the fact that as a result of his tutelage I’m presently employed operating a work cell with a mill and two turning centers, all of which are, fed by robots.

I came into the field of CNC with no manufacturing experience. He took significant steps to ensure that my classmates and I where familiarized with basic concept and then built from there. Given the fact that he has over 20 years of experience in CNC he made many detailed examples which he then broke apart (in the form of lecture, visual media, and practical examinations using Fanuc controls) leading us into an understanding of the practical skills necessary to successfully certify through FANUC N.A. seem relatively simple. It’s his dedication which makes him an excellent instructor of the knowledge which can propel you into the well-paying field of CNC.”

Eric G.