CNC Programs currently being offered

CNC Programming for the CNC Machine Center and CNC Turning Center for FANUC Controllers

and also

Mastercam X8


Create 2D Geometry

 2D -Tool-up and Mill

 Create Solids

 Solids Tool-up and Mill

FBM Drill and Mill


Create 2D Parts, Tool-up, and Machine

Learning how to CNC Program to machine parts on a CNC Machine Center or a CNC Turning Center will help in advancing your career.

All New! Instructor Led Courses Approved for Fanuc Controllers. Will also work with CNC Routers and Mach 3 Controllers. Here, you will start to learn G & M codes and what each code means. This will give you a better understanding on how the structure of a program is laid out. You will be taught the fundamentals of how to use the G and M codes along with what is required to make the code work.

Some of the steps you will be taught are as follows:

1) Learn about CNC Machining
2) Learn the G and M codes
3) Learn how the proper format makes up a program
4) Learn what is needed to make radius moves

Are you in the machining industry or just want to learn how to program with G & M codes?
I have trained people just like you to learn CNC Programming for the Machine Center (Mill) and also Turning Center (Lathe).
Outlined in my course, I give you the knowledge and information you need to write a program from scratch without any fancy software such as Mastercam, Gibbs. Then, you will be shown sample parts with the programs. All these lessons are proven to work on Fanuc Controllers.
I have also used this same information to write programs CNC Routers and Mini-Mills. My knowledge is not just a theory. It is proven. All of the students that have been taught in-house have had to cut their part on the machine their part was programmed for.

CNC Programming a mill part 2 CNC Programming a mill_part_1  CNC Programming a lathe_part_2 CNC Programming a lathe_part_1