Learning CNC Programming a mill part 2

Learning CNC Programming

Frequently Asked Questions

Learning CNC Programming a lathe_part_1

Learning CNC Programming is very rewarding once you have accomplished all the steps to complete the programs throughout the courses that are offered.

Courses currently offering?

CNC Machine Center Programming

CNC Turning Center Programming

Mastercam X8 for the Mill will have create 2D Geometry, 3D Solids, FBM, and Lathe

Math - Covering fractions and decimal fractions (Free)

What type of machines can I use this training on?

We will focus on the vertical Mill and the CNC Turning Center (Lathe). The Machine Center Programming course will be teaching how to program for the three Axis CNC Mill. This will also work on the CNC Routers. The same principles apply in both machines. The Turning Center Programming course is focused on two axis lathes.

 Why I take your course?

Our courses have been proven to take the person with little or no experience and get them to understand the steps to convert a part drawing to a part for the mill and/or lathe. Learn CNC Programming faster with Online Video Training access 24 hours a day 7 days a week. All lessons include real parts for you to use to program to provide a realistic experience.


Who should take this course?

Individuals that want to advance their career by learning CNC Programming for the Mill and/or the Lathe should take these courses. To truly understand the CNC Programs, you need to understand G & M codes even if you want to or are going on to learn Mastercam or any other CAM software. These programs are used to generate code to run a CNC Machine or Turning Center. When the programs need to be edited or modified, only individuals that truly understand G & M code are allowed to make these corrections. These corrections can be made using a simple text editor even if the file extension ends in NC.


How long will it take me to complete the course?

The CNC Machine Center and the CNC Turning Center courses, on average, take approximately 40 to 60 hours to complete. Online, each course we offer gives you (1) year to learn the material. This is to complete the code for the print in an average of 40 to 60 hours. More important is that students who took good notes and applied what they learned came out far better.  This rather than the students that rushed through the course just to complete everything.  Remember, you have access to the course for one year for any of the courses. There is no reason to rush through. Go through a course, and if you need to, go through it again and again until you understand.


Will this help me get a job or advance in my current company?

Typically the more knowledge you have in the field you are working will always help you in the long run. We have seen some students walk out and get a great job and others advance in their company after completing these courses. It will depend upon you and how much you learn from the course. No one can guarantee you will advance or get a job from taking a course. Too many factors are out of our control.


Will I get a Certificate?

We currently offer certificates for:

CNC Machine Center Programming

CNC Turning Center Programming


Will you be offering any other course?

We are currently checking into offering other courses that will make your learning easier.