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The students will Learn Mastercam Online through video tutorials guidance throughout the courses.  The Mastercam Classes Online we offer will step the student through learning how to use the design portion CAD. The purpose of this is to design items in either 2D wireframe or in Solids. These features are used to help make a part seem realistic in a virtual world. One of the uses within Mastercam is to draw a simple 2D drawing to a more complex part. Once the student completes the design portion, they will learn the CAM portion. Here, the student will learn how to setup the stock and select tools to machine the part. In conclusion, verifying the part through simulation will show you whether or not the part will be machined correctly.

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Most of all, Mastercam Classes Online has been broken down into several sections 2D Mill, Solids, FBM and Lathe. The student will start with the 2D Mill and work through all the different sections to help advance their knowledge in Mastercam.

Learn Mill 2D, Solids will help in building your knowledge base.

First of all, the student will start with the Mastercam mill 2D geometry. This course will take the student through the design phase of creating eight 2D parts. The instructor will go through setting up stock and tooling each part besides back plotting and verifying the part. The next course will be Mastercam Solids Rather than taking a part that you didn’t create the student will create their own. This course takes parts the student created in the 2D course and teaches the student how to turn them into a Solid part.

Learning FBM will help in building your knowledge base.

Learning Mastercam FBM, Feature Based Machining, is where the student can use features on the solid parts to have Mastercam tool up the part for them after they setup the FBM properly. The FBM has a drill and mill feature to machine the student part with little effort. The course will guide the student through the FBM using several of the Solid parts they created in solids. This is to learn how to setup the FBM to have it tool up their part after completion of the setup.


Learning Lathe will help in building your knowledge base.

The Mastercam Lathe course is designed to get the student started in learning how to create several 2D geometry parts. This course will take you through the design phase of creating five 2D-line-drawn parts. The student will walk through the lessons on how to setup stock and tool the parts, to backplot, and then verify the correctness of the machining of the part. First of all, the Mastercam environment is different in Lathe. Therefore, this course also goes into how to setup the mastercam environment to work correctly when you are working on the lathe parts. Mastercam, by default, is setup for the mill. If not setup properly, the student will have problems when they try to machine their part in the wrong environment.

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Still not sure? Watch the two videos of parts being machined - one mill and one lathe

CNC Machine Center Programming – Watch a part be milled before your own eyes.

Click Here to see a part be milled

CNC Turning Center Programming – Watch a part be turned before your own eyes.

Click Here to see a part be turned

Sample of Mastercam Training of FBM